With years of expertise and experience, Jaisai Innovation (Aaurum Clothing) is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of product and services to both retailers and customers.

We are committed to enhance the satisfaction of our valued customers by manufacturing and exporting high profile garments. We consider our moral responsibility to review quality objectives for assuring knitted & woven garments to our deserving customers.


With an integrated infrastructure, dedicated workforce, Total quality and Management System in place and   an earnest desire to keep with the evolving fashion scenario, Jaisai Innovation (Aaurum Clothing) is marking its presence as a global player and as a comprehensive Quality Enterprise in the field of garment manufacturing in this part of the world.


From humble beginning to a vertically integrated production house, we have grown to be where we are today, we are constantly quality conscious, with the most clean room practices and certification to prove the same,  



EVER SINCE the creation of this world, mankind has been fascinated by the myriad ever-changing textures and colors of Nature. As civilization evolved and needs grew, clothing became an important part of the life and various styles and forms emerged in the world of fashion.


Like a buttery which delights us with its diverse hues and designs of symmetry, Jaisai Innovation (Aaurum Clothing) at Tirupur, India, Keeps evolving, by marking its Presence as global Players in the arena of garment manufacturing. We are Jaisai Innovation (Aaurum Clothing), full of passion.


At the fabric knitting unit, the procured yarn is processed through an array of 12 imported machine including single Jersey, Air Tex, Loop Knit, 4 Track, D.T.Airtex of the New Pailung ‘X’ Series and Kemyong Rib machines. All the machines are with all Feeder lycra attachment for producing auto stripes, pin stripes, double mercerized and jacquard designs as well as fleece like Terry, Velour, Polar Fleece , 2 & 3 thread Fleece. Customers can choose from as assorted wide collection of knitting variations, which is our hallmark.  


The cutting process is a perfect mix of manual expertise and automation. Our auto cutter greatly speeds up our production by cutting the fabric into various sizes to suit different purposes.  The Jaisai Innovation (Aaurum Clothing), washing unit is a division on its own, working all 24 hours, providing different process, each with specific significance. With an infrastructure of 100 kgs Washing machine, one sample washing machine and have 50kgs. Tumble dryers with a major production capacity of 4000 kgs we ensure that each process is executed with utmost care. The fascinating list of process include Enzyme wash, silicon wash, moon wash, Electro merk, Ultra Violet Wash, Surh wash, Acid wash, Anti Pilling wash, Gel wash, CPL wash, Stone Wash, Winch Wash, Bio Wash, Ozone Magic.


 Our stitching unit has high end sewing machine to measure up to the complexities of stitching with highest degree of precision. Our skilled work force give shape to our creativity by their swift craftsmanship and also make timely delivery possible, in quantity as well as quality. The garments are given a final touch at the finishing department. An overall checking assures error-free products. An attention to detail and needle detection is a part of the post stitching inspection to ensure the absence of needles in our garments. 


The garments are ironed to give a professional feel and awe less finish and the finished products are packed in an eco-friendly manner customizing them to the client’s relevant specifications. We have a spacious warehouse to stock the finished goods and cater to the immediate needs of our customers. 


The art of embroidery adds beauty to any piece of apparel. We are equipped with 3 machines consisting of 40 heads in totality, to handle the fabric ow and facilitate intricate embroidery to beautify the garments’ in the shortest time frame. 


Printing is undoubtedly a key area for leaving a lasting impression. Our concern is equipped with imported automatic EPSON digital printing machines with a capacity to deliver customized prints in Tie and Die, Heat Transfer, Pigment, Plastisol and in all kind of Blended fabrics. 


Our Product portfolio consists of Men’s wear, Women’s wear and Kid’s wear and the wide-ranging collection is outfitted to keep in line with the trendiest world fashions and customer-centric. In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that. We invite you to browse through our inventory and contact us with any questions.



We at Jaisai Innovation (Aaurum Clothing) strongly believe in total quality management and these principles are integrated throughout the various departments of the company, support personnel, customers and the supply chain. Being global is about providing products that are truly world-class and at Jaisai Innovation (Aaurum Clothing), we are happy that we are living up to the trust that has been entrusted to us by our clients specification  


We have the know-how you need.

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